IN SALAH GAS Southern Fields Development

Page Europa is supplying a complete, fully integrated security and communication system for Project's Construction & Development Phases, acting as "Telecommunication Systems Integrator (TSI)", responsible for systems design, engineering, procurement, integration, IFAT, delivery, on-site services

In Salah Gas (ISG) Project involves the development of four proven gas fields in the southern Sahara, 1,200 km south of Algiers.

The 50-month project, to be completed in phases, will support the maintenance of plateau gas production rates of 9 billion cubic metres per annum beyond 2013.

The objective of the "In Salah Southern Gas Fields Development" Project, the second phase of the ISG development, involves the development of the four fields located around the town of In Salah in the District of Tamanrasset.

PETROFAC's EPC scope of work includes: a new central production and gas gathering facility comprising two dehydration trains, associated permanent camps, approximately 300 Km. of pipelines for gas collection from the in-field wells and export to the existing Krechba facility, brownfield modifications to existing facilities.

PAGE EUROPA Scope of Supply includes:

Permanent & Mobile COMMUNICATION Systems:Network and Data System equipped with SDH STM-1 & STM-16 systems, CISCO Ethernet Switches and Routers, LAN & WAN, Firewalls, CAT-6 Structured Cabling system, Hotline System - TETRA System with several Base Stations and around 200 Radio Terminals (Fixed, Vehicles-Mounted, Hand-Portable Intrinsic Safe) - UHF Radio System with several Base Stations and around 90 Vehicle-Mounted Radio Terminals - Microwave Radio System, Ground-to-Air VHF Air Band Radio System, Satellite Communication System with Iridium and Inmarsat BGAN Terminals / Phones - PABX & Telephone System with around 700 Analogue & Digital Telephones (Indoor, Outdoor Weather-proof, Outdoor Explosion-proof ATEX-certified), Intercom System with Indoor and Outdoor Telephones / Speakers - Public Address & General Alarm (PA/GA) system equipped with more than 500 loudspeakers and beacons including: Outdoor Explosion-proof ATEX-certified horn-loudspeakers / telephones / flashing beacons, Outdoor Weather-proof and Indoor loudspeakers - No. 2 Weather monitoring Systems - No. 3 Entertainment Systems spread on main plant's facilities with more than 150 flat screen Colour Televisions - No. 2 Video Conferencing Systems.

SECURITY Systems:CCTV system with more than 100 cameras (Outdoor PTZ Explosion-proof ATEX-certified, Outdoor Fixed & PTZ Weather-proof, Indoor IP Dome PTZ), mounted on 6 and 10 metres-high tiltable poles, Motion-detection software, Video Management and Video digital Recording servers & software.