CLAIR RIDGE Offshore Field Development

Page Europa is supplying a complete fully-integrated security and communication system, acting as "Telecommunications and Security systems Main Contractor and Integrator", responsible for systems design, engineering, procurement, integration, IFAT, delivery, on-site systems installation, testing and services.

This is the second stage of development of giant CLAIR Oil Field, offshore on West Shetland Islands Continental Shelf in UK.

Clair Ridge will have a 40 year life design and has an expected production rate of 120,000-150,000 b/d of oil until at least 2055.

The Field Development Project involves the installation of two new bridge-linked platforms, one supporting drilling and production and the other for accommodation and utilities.

The field development includes 36 new wells for production and reinjection and new export pipelines linked to the existing pipelines network to Shetland terminals.

PAGE EUROPA Scope of Supply includes:

COMMUNICATION Systems:Data Network Infrastructure, UHF Radio system with more than 100 ATEX-certified Hand-portable terminals, MW LOS Radio system, IP Telephone system & PABX with more than 170 ATEX-certified outdoor telephones, VHF Marine & Aeronautical Radio system, VSAT & Inmarsat Satellite Communication systems, Cranes & Lifeboats Radio systems, Drillers Intercom, Public Address & General Alarm (PA/GA) system equipped with more than 1,900 ATEX-certified loudspeakers and Hotlines, Audio & Video Conference system, Entertainment systems with more than 200 Combo color flat-screen TV, METEO system.

SURVEILLANCE Systems:CCTV system with more than 90 ATEX-certified Outdoor PTZ Cameras and Indoor Cameras, Access Control System (ACS) with Personnel Tracking, Man Over Board (Safety Personnel Locator) system, RADAR system for Maritime Collision Avoidance, NAVTEX Marine Safety Information system, Ancillary equipments.