ADRIATIC LNG offshore teminal and re-gasification plant

AKER Kvaerner for “ExxonMobil - QatarGas – Edison” Consortium - Awarded 2006. The “Adriatic LNG Terminal” is the first offshore re-gasification facility worldwide, located in the northern Adriatic sea, Italy.

The terminal, 180 m. long and 88 m. wide in size, will receive LNG from Qatar, will have a storage tank of 250,000 m3 in its concrete Gravity-Base-Structure (GBS), will host a complete re-gasification plant and will be connected by a submarine pipeline to the Italian gas distribution grid.

Page Europa has been selected to be the Main Contractor responsible for the implementation of all the surveillance and telecommunication systems in the offshore terminal and the communications to the onshore gas receiving facility.

Page Europa has also provided full assistance during the installation, testing and commissioning from the construction yards (in Norway, UAE, Singapore, Korea, Spain and UK) up to tow-out and positioning at final offshore location.

Page Europa has supplied all the integrated telecommunication and security systems for the Adriatic LNG re-gasification Terminal including:

Security and video-surveillance systems

  • Fully digital CCTV system for surveillance and security monitoring, including colour ATEX PTZ cameras and dual sensor ATEX thermal cameras to provide images of vital equipment and general marine loading/unloading activities
  • Public Address and General Alarm systems
  • Collision Avoidance Radar system in X and S-Band in accordance with IMO and ARPA requirements

Telecommunication systems

  • Fibre optic transmission over submarine cables, from the offshore terminal up to the onshore metering station
  • Communication Satellite System (V-Sat) as backup to the fibre optic system
  • TETRA radio system for daily operations
  • Telecommunication alarm supervisory system
  • Ship-to-Facility control and monitoring system with fibre optic, copper and pneumatic links
  • Communication tower on the top of the living quarters
  • PABX and telephone system
  • HF, VHF Marine and Aeronautical radio systems
  • Non Directional Beacon
  • Crane radio and video communication system
  • UPS and power supply system
  • Meteorological system
  • Audio and video entertainment systems