Health, safety and environmental policy

Page Europa has a policy to ensure health, safety and welfare to all of its employees and of others who may be affected by the activities of the Company.

Page Europa supports a positive heath and safety culture in its work activities with the aim of a continuous improvement and is committed to:

  • Provide adequate control of the health and safety risks;
  • Maintain a safe and healthy work environment protected from damage or negative impacts;
  • Consult Company employees on matters affecting their health and safety;
  • Provide and maintain safe plant and equipment;
  • Ensure the safe handling and use of substances;
  • Ensure that all employees receive suitable training to be competent to undertake their designated tasks;
  • Meet or exceed the requirements of health and safety legislation.

Page Europa, operates a Health and Safety Management System in accordance with the requirements of OHSAS 18001 to ensure that:

  • All activities relating to the Environment and personnel Occupational Health and Safety directives conform to Government Laws and applicable Regulatory Body;
  • Risks that may jeopardise safety and health of all employees are managed by implementing any reasonable initiative that will  minimize  them;
  • Targets and objectives are set and monitored to foster health and safety by a continuous improvement;
  • cooperation with Public Authorities is maintained  to set up, update and test emergency procedures, to reduce at the minimum the outcomes of possible accidents;
  • A supplier evaluation be performed to ensure they have sufficient processes and procedures in place to ensure that health and safety risks are minimised.

Page Europa, through sound environmental management aimed at reducing the negative impact of its activities is committed to:

  • Promote sustainable growth through activities aimed at preventing pollution, reduction of waste material and the use of material and energy resources and at maximising the recycling process;
  • Evaluate the impact on the environment of Company operational activities, processes and products;
  • Manage environmental risk and prevent pollution;
  • Ensure that emergency procedures are in place to prevent negative impact of the Company activities on the environment;
  • Investigate viable alternatives to the use of hazardous substances and promote environmentally responsible purchasing.

Page Europa operates an Environmental Management system in accordance with ISO 14001 and will ensure that:

  • Regular reviews are performed and environmental aspects of the Company operations and products are addressed;
  • Targets and objectives aimed at reducing environmental impact via sustainable development and continuous improvement are set and monitored;
  • Company environmental policy is communicated to employees and suppliers to promote efforts aimed at reducing negative environmental impact;
  • Appropriate consideration of sustainable environmental options in Company working operations and facilities are constantly promoted.